Future1coin Whitepaper

With the ever-growing demand in the world of Cryptocurrencies, and blockchain
technology, markets are becoming more active and are opening up to newer
possibilities affiliated with web 2.0. Similarly, increased vibrations of awareness
have created a ripple in the ecosystem which has transformed into a wave of
Cryptocurrencies, trading exchanges, wallets, smart contracts and much more.
Unlike traditional markets, users get liquidity, 24X7 accessibility, no-to-minimal
regulatory control and exponential augmentation potential in blockchain
technology. These distinct features lure users, both amateur and leaders, towards
Cryptocurrencies and Crypto-markets. The figures till 2nd January 2018
corroborate the exodus of investment which has been done across the globe.
Crypto-market capital as on the said date stands at $642billion which is the everhighest in the history of Cryptocurrency.

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Future1coin Whitepaper