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From ancient times through today, human civilization’s development has depended
on the depth and breadth of cooperation. But cooperation in a distributed
marketplace, or even within a centralized organization, has continuously been
plagued by the issue of trust. With the advent of blockchain technology, society
now has, for the first time, a technological “trust machine”. Not only does
blockchain technology eliminate the issue of necessitating a middleman to trust a
counterparty, but this machine now also makes cooperation programmable, without
the need for subjective human interference. Now that this technology is here, we
believe society as a whole needs to move non-inherent blockchain assets (off-chain
values) onto a chain, by tokenizing such off-chain assets as on-chain tokens and
making the execute and transact within smart contracts.

We are entering an exciting new era of “Internet of Values”, or values derived by
the Internet of Things (IoT). But today, interoperability, scalability and usability
remain substantial problems within the various blockchain ecosystems, all of which
combined have hindered this technological progress.

Given that improving usability is a long-term and gradual process, interoperability
and scalability are the current bottlenecks that need to be addressed, and
we believe FUSION to be the answer. As tokens representing values are born
with financial attributes, blockchain applications of the financial industry are most
likely to revolutionize the world. Unfortunately, today’s endeavors focus substantially
on enhancing current financial institutions’ internal systems with blockchain
technology. If we define all of the financial activities on the Internet of Values as
cryptofinance, current cryptocurrencies have only achieved limited functions of a
complete cryptofinance ecosystem.

At the advent of the Internet of Information, what we did was not to transform
the “postal system”, but to create a new “Email system”. Likewise, with the Internet
of Values at our doorstep, we hope to create a new system: a value transfer
infrastructure based on various tokens. FUSION can convert values across various
blockchains and can fulfill almost all the functionality of traditional finance, but in
a distributed and more efficient manner, with substantial cost savings. It also can
even achieve many unprecedented financial functions that cannot be imagined in
scenarios of centralized organizations.

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