FundToken Whitepaper

The online trading market is notorious for its wide variety of scandals and many accusations of
fraud. Owing to the fact that it is one of the largest online markets, it stands out as one of the
thirstiest markets for blockchain based solutions. While trading most financial assets on the
blockchain is still not operational and streamlined, the vast majority of traders on
foreign-exchange, stock and commodity exchanges are amateurs who buy and sell financial
assets for the sole purpose of netting capital gains. Most retail traders only hold financial assets
in order to sell at a higher price, and derive no benefit from the actual ownership of those assets.
A peer-to-peer, blockchain-based simulated-investing platform that relies on real market data
will allow retail traders to continue practicing financial analysis for profit, without the major
counterparty risks that are presently involved. Supported by an ecosystem that propels growth
and new user acquisition, and based on a deflationary currency, the FundFantasy platform will
revolutionize the online trading market.

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FundToken Whitepaper