Fortuna Whitepaper


A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System1
, published by Satoshi Nakmoto in 2008,
has brought a whole new mode of thinking about decentralization. With the new mode
of thinking, Fortuna, the first blockchain platform for the global OTC derivatives
market, solves several core problems and introduces some new features as follows:
1. Build a trust network. Fortuna can solve the trust problem of the OTC
derivatives market with consensus algorithm DPOSA, structured smart contract,
decentralized quote scheme, digitalized supervision and other techniques of blockchain.
2. Improve the operational efficiency. As a specialized blockchain platform for
derivatives, Fortuna can improve the operational efficiency of each step of transactions,
including contract creation, price quoting, contract signature, trading and clearing.
3. Increase the liquidity. As the only medium of exchange accepted by Fortuna,
FOTA can enable the platform to embrace the global liquidity pool regardless of the
physical and multi-currency barriers.
4. Motivate users to trade. Fortuna supports two modes of trading: PrC and PuC.
Under PrC mode, users can launch a peer to peer transaction without any cost of agency.
Under PuC mode, users can create new types of derivatives and be the market makers
while benefiting from the trading volume of the new derivatives created.
5. Enrich the derivatives market. Users of Fortuna can create all kinds of
derivatives with different underlying assets, deal structures, durations, margin ratios
and other elements of transactions. To some extent, Fortuna can be a worldwide
incubator for innovative derivative tools.
6. Algorithmic regulation and self-discipline. With algorithmic regulation and
self-discipline, Fortuna supports transparent, real time, and full dose data supervision.
Smart contract, digitalized supervision, arbitration driven by consensus algorithm and
other new technical features can inspire a new mode of regulation and self-discipline.
As Herbert Marshall Mcluhan said, “we shape our tools and afterwards our tools
shape us.” Fortuna will inspire a new mode of thinking for the global OTC derivatives
market and make the tools of hedging more available and more popular

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Fortuna Whitepaper