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Food, in one way or in another, is the basis for business the activity
of any person. Food production and sales are and will be growing as the
population grows. Production of reasonable and quality organic products is
a problem which becomes more relevant day after day. Small and mediumscale farmers are the producers of local natural food. According to FAO
(Food and Agriculture Organization), the world counts with over 500 million
farmers. The most of them are small producers.
However, the traditional business models which exist today led the
major food brands and agricultural corporations to push the small and
medium-scale producers and processors of agricultural products and
foodstuffs out from the local markets. The globalization mechanisms help
them to tighten their domination easily, using their own material and
immaterial resources, on the markets of countries with less developed
Long chains of agricultural products delivery used by transnational
corporations, have led to a decline in the consumption of local products.
That has led, in its turn, to a reduction of the number of small and mediumscale farms (data from the United States and Europe), increase of the
average age of farmers (over 58 years), thus lowering the competitiveness,
turning the heavily fragmented market of agricultural products and
foodstuffs producers into the market of large corporations and
Therefore, as an example, even in the United States a farmer gets
only 16 cents for every dollar paid by the final buyer for the products he has
produced. 2 billion of people on Earth (mostly rural population) do not have
any access to the banking services and are excluded from the modern
economic processes.
We do not set ourselves the task to strive against the transnational
corporations, and we don’t oppose globalization. We believe that these are
all attributes of the current moment of the development of our civilization.
Any form of confrontation leads inevitably to the destruction and losses. But
we cannot ignore the economic, social and humanitarian expenses of the
existing models.
So, our platform will be put up to provide an equal access to a global
market of production and distribution of consumable goods for the large
and small producers and consumers of agricultural products and foodstuffs
together with the modern financial instruments. This might create a vast
market of organic food with fair prices.
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FoodCoin Whitepaper