Flash Whitepaper


The fundamental principle of FLASH is that all work or contributions to the
network should be valued by the community in an objective fashion. Allowing
the free market process to function creates a mechanism whereby all forms
of work can be reduced to a common denominator — FLASH.

Any form of work be it valuable time, a user’s work and attention, a special
skill set such as developing tools, various forms of energy (ie. processing) and
settlement can be valued in real time based on the market supply and
demand for that specific work/contribution.

The ways to contribute to the community are only limited by one’s
imagination and the community’s collective valuation of it. At its core FLASH
is simple to understand, completely transparent and distributed governance
with no complicated rules and conditions that are hard to work with. We put
the trust in the community and the technology. Because FLASH has a very
simple and fast settlement system along with many tools for community
members, it will have many use cases.

FLASH has no defined value; it can be freely exchanged by community
members who decide independently the disposition of their private property.

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