Fire Lotto Whitepaper

A lottery game built on the Ethereum blockchain will be a major innovation in the global
lottery industry. The lottery industry holds a 29% share of the global gambling revenue
[1], and is facing challenges due to the growth of the digital economy. Worldwide
demand for more transparent, fair services has grown concurrent with the advance of
technologies that enable the change. The distributed, decentralized nature of
blockchain technology offers tremendous opportunities for financial technology
innovation, and, similarly, for gaming industry modernization.
A gaming system built based on the use of the Ethereum blockchain would operate with
a high degree of autonomy, and its data and records would be cryptographically stored
in a public, decentralized blockchain. Available online and borderless, such a system
can resolve several challenges of traditional lotteries.
The proposed lottery will employ the random number generation (RNG) method, which
is secure and fair and prevents manipulation and fraud. This project implements a
completely secure RNG method based on the current version of the Bitcoin
decentralized protocol.

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Fire Lotto Whitepaper