Fidelium Whitepaper


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are attracting wider
audience and getting more traction each day. Back in December,
2017, the price of Bitcoin finally broke the 10,000 USD mark,
and it even surpassed the 15,000 USD at one point. Bitcoin’s
market capitalization surpassed well over 200 billion USD, with
the total cryptocurrency capitalization passing 500 billion USD.
Furthermore, the 24-hour trading volume averages well over 20
billion dollars.

With such strong growth trends, the future of cryptocurrency only
looks brighter. Some even predict that the market capitalization of
cryptocurrency will break 2 trillion USD in 2018.

However, even with such growth, there are still some problems that are still not properly
addressed yet. Ironically, most problems stem from one of blockchain’s greatest
strengths – the lack of central governing body or institution. While the absence of central
institution means cryptocurrency, built on blockchain technology, offers complete
freedom and anonymity from any government or institutions to the users, the very
absence means there is no standard price for cryptocurrency, and they cannot be used
directly in a form of payments in real life.

We aim to provide users with instant and simultaneous access to multiple cryptocurrency
exchanges around the world, and turn cryptocurrency into a spendable asset in real-life

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