FedoraCoin Whitepaper


Fedora Tips is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed specifically for small value transactions and tipping. Fedora is descended from early Bitcoin releases, evolving through Dogecoin and Feathercoin. The Fedora project was dormant for a number of years before a new community project took root in mid-2017. The community has committed to the following goals:

Ultra secure and re-engineered wallet
Open and friendly Fedora community
Roadmap for a re-visioned Tips network
Outreach and integration – with exchanges, social tipping and transacting channels

Tips is fast
Small value transactions should not be bottle-necked. Tips transactions resolve in minutes, with a current average time of 2 minutes.

Tips is secure
Our dev community are committed engineers, with significant cryptography experience. The Fedora wallet has been stripped back to basics and re-engineeerd with the latest security libraries. The new code base has been extensively tested for usability, threats and risks. We use it, and we have been happy to share the refreshed wallet codebase so that all altcoins can benefit from our work. We welcome any news or issues that community finds to further improve the wallet.

Fedora is based on the proof-of-work algorithm, so whether you want to tip and transact or just hodl, your Tips wallet will be secure as a long term store of value.

Social Tipping
Fedora Tips was traditionally used as a tipping currency across social media, prior to the project going dormant. One of the key early stage targets in our roadmap is re-integrating those tipping channels and building contemporary tipbots. Why not join the discussion and let us know where you would like to see Tips in use?

Now that we have a refreshed and secure wallet codebase, our next big challenge is a smartphone wallet that allows you to tip and transact in face to face commerce. This includes tap and scan functions for fast tipping and purchases in your favorite bars, clubs and stores.

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