FansTime Whitepaper

There is a global misfortune in the entertainment world about the vices and shortcomings
perpetuated in the entertainment industry. This has turned the once glorious, most adored
industry into ruins by instilling fear in the minds of both the fanbase and the celebrities. There
is a downward slope in the way things are being run.

The introduction of the blockchain technology in the affairs of humanity has brought about a
change it the way things work and worked. The blockchain technology has brought about
decentralization to a once centralized world, eliminating the middleman and its role in
bringing ruins. The technology has been employed in various sectors like the finance sector,
agricultural sector, aviation sector, and many other sectors and testimonies abound towards
the revolution the technology brought to these sectors.

The entertainment industry is ready to face its fears to redeem its position in the sight of
humanity by employing the use of the blockchain technology. It aims to solve issues like
centralization, data piracy and privacy breach, inaccessibility, theft, and insecurity, etc.
This whitepaper maps out the challenges the industry faces, how these challenges are to
be dealt with and the benefits it has for both the stars and their fans.

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FansTime Whitepaper