FairCoin Whitepaper


FairCoin is the monetary base system for FairCoop – The Earth Cooperative for a Fair Economy
(see https://fair.coop). At FairCoop we develop tools and transfer knowledge that enable everybody
to participate in a fair global economy. FairCoin plays a central role within the FairCoop ecosystem
and is constantly being developed to further our values. Version 1 of the FairCoin wallet software
which was used from 2014 until 2016 relied on mining and minting technology to secure the block
chain. Our objection is that neither mining nor minting can truly be considered fair, because both
confer an advantage on the already rich. Therefore we decided to create a new version of FairCoin
which corrects these issues.

With FairCoin version 2 we create block chain-based software that is fair, secure, resources-saving
and decentralised. It is based on cooperation and not on competition, which creates better

The code-base of the Bitcoin core client in version 0.12 served as the starting point. This enables us
to benefit from the latest developments made by the dedicated Bitcoin developers. Furthermore, the
comprehensive infrastructure that already exists around Bitcoin can be adopted for FairCoin with
minimal effort

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FairCoin Whitepaper