FNKOS Whitepaper

Fog Ling (called as FNK) will construct FNK super nodes, inter planetary file system (IPFS) and fog computing node. The FNK will realize network transfer and recycle resources such as storage spaces by using computers and computer’s peripheral devices, implement the value transfer protocol, store and transfer capabilities according to capability contributions provided by the fog computing devices.

The Fog Link OS is the kernel capability of the FNK decentralized application development platform (DAPP platform). The Fog Link OS can release the application boundaries and technology boundaries tremendously and make more users enjoy convenience and changes brought by the block chain technologies to their work and lives.
The FNK will establish a sound and good development environment for application developers. The developers will define their digital assets by using the visual operations and realize application porting and development via the self-defined digitals. The Fog Link OS will break through at the traditional terminals.
The Fog Link OS will support the Fog Computing miner, block chain mobile phone and private cloud disk in the early period. With deepening of the business and gradual maturity of the fog link OS, the Fog Link OS will adapt more hardware terminal devices. The FNK will open the source code of the OS, enables more developers to realize development and porting of their devices by using the Fog Link OS, and contributes much to the block chain industry.

We imagine to reasonably optimize value transfer of the Inter Planetary File System and several fog computing nodes by using Fog Link OS in the early period and create the super link with the Inter Planetary File System according to the rule of preferential circulation of high-quality resources. The high-quality resource for IPFS nodes will be directly transformed to IPFS via FNK. The FNK forwarding function will display as the concept of the Fog Mine pool in this process. All terminals complying with IPFS value will directly get IPFS or equivalent FNK, so the
fog computing capabilities can be utilized to most extent. In addition, the peripheral devices, which cannot provide value for IPFS, will become a true output terminal of the fog computing value and provide computing capability for stable operation of the fog link OS. The output pipelines of the computing capabilities generated by the equipment inside FNK and peripheral devices can be transformed according to the rule of value maximization and ensure maximal utilization rate and revenues.

We adopt the block chain technology and elements in prototype design of Fog Link OS to make generation process of the block chain contract have absolute circulation and storage value. The Fog Link OS can also be used on the mainstream devices via adaptation and porting. E.g.: when the Fog Link OS is applied in the mobile phone design, when a user connects to the network and starts the device, the system will automatically allocate the wallet address to store own earning of the computing capabilities and save assets. In addition, the contract properties include the wallet address. A user can circulate assets by using the contact book function.

For security, Fog Link OS adopts specific encryption algorithms. The text information and image information are encrypted for the mobile terminals. The FNS is used to solve the network storage problems. The SIM card is enabled/disabled and awaken under control of AI intelligent learning. Finally the practical security functions such as zero disturbance, transformation of physical positions and transmission information encryption can be implemented on the mobile devices to protect the user privacy and secure assets to most extent.

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