FLIP Whitepaper

This whitepaper describes a new decentralized ecosystem where digital goods on all gaming
platforms – mobile, PC, console, and VR/AR – can be sold as liquid assets using trustless (i.e., fully
secure) smart contracts executing on blockchain technology. The digital goods transactions will take
place using a crypto-token called “FLIP”.

The new decentralized ecosystem is founded by Gameflip, a venture-backed technology company
which operates a robust digital goods marketplace with millions of users. Gameflip is a corporation
based in Silicon Valley, California, USA. The company is managed by gaming industry experts with
decades of combined experience, and funded by top tier venture capital investors. Established in
2014, Gameflip has already been at the forefront addressing the largely unmet demand for liquidity for
digital goods. Prior to the advent of blockchain technology, we have already built the most
comprehensive centralized digital goods marketplace platform and have witnessed tremendous
growth in the platform for the last two years. Now, with blockchain technology, our new decentralized
ecosystem will enable ubiquitous liquidity for digital goods, unlocking exponentially more value for the
gaming market and its participants.

In decentralized networks, economic value and governance are distributed among the network
participants, not concentrated in a single organization. Here, the participants are primarily game
developers, publishers and gamers, plus digital goods marketplaces, transaction enablers, and other
contributors. In this ecosystem, economic value is distributed among all participants, ensuring that
they are compensated for the value they bring.

The new decentralized ecosystem will create tremendous benefits for both gamers and game
developers and publishers. (In this white paper, we sometimes refer to game developers and
publishers together “game publishers”.)
● Gamers will have unprecedented flexibility to buy, sell and trade the digital goods at the
peer-to-peer level (i.e, with other gamers), unlocking significant value for gamers from their
hard-earned digital goods. Importantly, they will transact in a zero-fraud environment, one that
never existed before the availability of blockchain technology.
● Game developers and publishers will generate significantly more revenue for a number of
○ First, the new ecosystem encourages gamers to purchase substantially more digital
goods, and at higher prices, than they do today, knowing that they can recoup their
investments later by selling them freely and securely in a large liquid marketplace.
○ Second, game publishers will enjoy a brand new revenue stream – whenever gamers
transact using blockchain smart contracts, game publishers will receive a commission.
○ Third, under our unique network growth model, game publishers that help drive
adoption of FLIP will be rewarded handsomely – with tangible economic benefits – as
described more fully later in this white paper.

The importance of the point above – the tangible benefits for game publishers – cannot be
underestimated. Game publishers will play a very key role in this ecosystem, and each game
publisher will have to choose which crypto-token(s) to adopt. FLIP is the only crypto-token
with an ecosystem with built-in, concrete, and generous benefits for game publishers. As
such, we are confident that FLIP will be adopted quickly and will emerge as the dominant
crypto-token for the gaming industry.

Indeed, the new ecosystem will likely create a paradigm shift for the gaming industry. Demands for
digital goods will increase, gamers will gain trust in the network and buy and trade more, multiplier
effects will kick in, and the overall market will grow exponentially. Studies have estimated that gaming
revenue will grow to $128.5 billion by 2020, but that number does not even include the trading of
digital goods on the blockchain. We estimate that the value of digital goods transactions via the
Gameflip decentralized ecosystem, using FLIP, will eventually top $20 billion.

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