Eximchain Whitepaper

Eximchain brings visibility to global supply chain finance
(SCF) through smart contracts. We build a public, permissioned chain for small-and-medium enterprise (SME) buyers
and suppliers to create supply chain optimization tools and
gain access to affordable capital sources to grow their businesses. Our smart contract-based ecosystem allows SMEs to
quickly implement customized SCF solutions or issue digital tokens on a permissioned fork of Ethereum supporting
data privacy. We adopt a consensus protocol and quadratic
voting based governance model to provide practical, finite
time security guarantees on our public, permissioned blockchain hybrid. From financing to procure-to-pay, our products
utilize smart contracts to optimize the global supply chain
for buyers, suppliers, and financiers. Eximchain is an official
candidate of the Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox Program
in Guiyang, China and a member of EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance).

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Eximchain Whitepaper