Evimeria Whitepaper

Humanitarian and charity work should be the one space where honest good will is expected.
However, recent high-profile scandals in the nonprofit sector have thrown our once highlyregarded organizations into the spotlight. More and more, people have begun to ask the pressing
questions: how do we know nonprofits and charities are really using the money as they claim?
Evimeria is new platform operating on a simple maxim: transparency and accountability in the
field of charitable donations should be its foundation. The Evimeria platform allows for
cryptocurrency donations for specific causes or campaigns which cuts costs and makes the entire
process transparent. All donations and their use will be permanently viewable, auditable, and
traceable on a public blockchain.

Conceived by a team of front end development professionals, Evimeria’s goal is to disrupt a
nonprofit sector by making sure charity goes to the hands that need it most. EVI, the native token
of the Evimeria Platform, will be used for transparently donating funds to charities.
Fundamentally, EVI will tie together the entire Evimeria platform and enable access to the entire
Evimeria ecosystem and its many branches of services.

Evimeria — with its platform, its own exchange, keychain wallet, and public blockchain — will
make nonprofits and charities beckon to the people who were promised their funds. A world
without corruption and a world with honest, transparent donations is the future
Evimeria wants.

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Evimeria Whitepaper