EverGreenCoin Whitepaper


EverGreenCoin (trading symbol EGC) is open source cryptocurrency software.

1 Originally derived from Bitcoin’s source code, it has undergone major

revisions and changes as part of its evolution. EverGreenCoin still keeps the advantages of its humble Bitcoin origins:
• Decentralisation: no centralised authority, all participants form a common consensus.
• Pseudo-anonymity: no personal information is surrendered.
• Global ability to transact: no geographical, gender, religious, cultural, or political restrictions.
However, we’ve branched away from Bitcoin and other currencies to alter what we consider negative traits like those promoting wastage and speculation:
• Energy-intensive technical designs have been replaced by environmentally-friendly approaches.
• Block generation time reduced, allowing for transactions to take place significantly faster.
• Block sizes increased, giving EverGreenCoin scalability for the future.
• Incentivising storage rather than trading: holding becomes rewarding and trading for nominal gains becomes less attractive.
• No master nodes or other constructs that discourage a fair and equal market based on investment amount, hardware, experience or otherwise.
The Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm in Bitcoin and prevalent in other cryptocurrencies relies on consuming energy. With this approach, the
winner is the person who consumes the most energy the fastest: they will be rewarded the most. We break from this wasteful model, having ended PoW
after mining a set supply of 13 million EGC. This encouraged early adopters as well as fairness of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and reward

EverGreenCoin puts economics to work for our ecosystem: currency has never been so powerful.

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EverGreenCoin Whitepaper