EventChain Whitepaper


About EventChain
EventChainTM is an advanced decentralized blockchain token network that powers a unique
smart contract ticketing system (SmartTickets™). EventChain solves many of the problems with
current event ticketing systems available today while providing the additional benefits of using
a blockchain as the foundation. Both the EventChain system and its tokens (“EVC Tokens”)
encourages everyone in the ecosystem, including all stake holders such as event managers of
sport and concert events, party organizers, social clubs and ticket purchasers to sell or buy
SmartTickets using EVC Tokens and other traditional payment methods.

EventChain will provide a simple user interface for event managers to manage and execute
SmartTicket sales globally for small to large events supported by the underlying blockchain
technology and EVC Tokens, empowering a true peer-to-peer network for buying and selling
tickets to events.

EventChain has the opportunity of becoming the first real world blockchain application that is
widely adopted by the general public without any need to understand the underlying
distributed technology

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EventChain Whitepaper