EvenCoin Whitepaper

With day by day many crypto currencies getting
into the market, blockchain technology is becoming the
future of our financial needs.

Blockchain technology is now allowing more & more
peoples getting involved and some possibly bad projects
getting in having complete control over token supply in
market. Whole government functions and institutions are
now being created with what we call trustless trust, without
any central authority in the middle to block it.

Evencoin on other hand would be contributing to
the blockchain and entering a completely new concept with
getting into Ethereum based tokens, with this new approach.
Today, Evencoin is a self-sustained business finance
consultancy managed by eminent entrepreneurs, focusing
on carefully selected trade and commerce projects.

But just as we know that not all great ideas can
come to fruition, we also know there are many experts all
over the world who can help good ideas grow into
exceptional businesses.

That is why our ultimate goal is to build a platform
where hundreds of thousands of the best startups,
exporters/importers and trade finance community can go
to expand their potential and find investment.

A platform for cross border transfer trades to
occur smoothly with escrow system being provided by
Evencoin. In doing so, Evencoin will become a platform that
will harness the disruptive power of the Blockchain and
translate the logic of interactions into successfully
distributed business models that shape the future.

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EvenCoin Whitepaper