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If you don’t understand this chapter, you can start with “2) The Product”, chapter 1 provides some basic background for advanced users.

The initial idea was, that functions that don’t need to be in the blockchain,should, while still decentralized, be located in a protocol, that should be as permission-less and accessible as possible.
Functions, that are bound to blockchains are a dividing force, that are creating niches. The “unique feature” model, as a proof of existence for businesses is an exclusive property of emerging, still maturing markets. Example: Facebook got big, because it offered a unique social interaction model. Now, when the internet has matured, every other product could offer these features, but Facebook remains in its position (yet). Why? Because in a matured environment, “unique” features die and the most connected business/organization wins.
This is why we decided to forget about restricting and started connecting the dots, according to our idea. The concept is, to build a network of home devices, based on an opensource cloud and container framework, that are forming a semi-decentralized network.(future goal should be, to also to eliminate the “semi” as soon as we progress)

This network of user devices is forming a servicebus, for all financial tasks, transactions and services,(Financecloud API). The user device should, in contrast to the underlying protocol, be easy to use, without any knowledge about cryptocurrencies at all. We are achieving this, by building “Nextcloud” plus an app-store as an interface, on top of a cluster of docker instances. The cluster follows the concept “everything is an app”, providing cross-coin operatibility, smart-functions, and services, without bothering the user,to know about them.
A linker framework connects these instances into a single API. We added some features to the main board of this cloud device and kept it modular and up-gradable. We are partnering with AVID (for the hardware), with INTERNET OF COINS for the hybrid instance and we are collaborating with countless projects, to connect, what is already there. Our development works similar to our product, being open and accessible to anyone, who likes to contribute.

Finance Cloud The Product
A small cloud box alike user device for the home and business network, as a smart-hub into any crypto finance service. It connects the internet of coins with the internet of things (IOT) and with the internet of services.(www, fintech, point of sales a.s.o.). This fusion will happen anyway, but we would like to accelerate it and make it usable for average not so technologically handy people

The user just has to plug the device into his home network and will be able to choose functions via an app-store including wallets, exchanges, shops and any other financial service. To keep it plain simple, we will split the interface into an user mode and modes for advanced and business users. Each mode will, additionally to the app store, provide templates, that are capable of installing apps,according to use-cases. So a merchant, a home user, a trader or an app developer will get the needed environment, without getting distracted from functions, that are useless for him. This approach provides convenience without restriction. We will never restrict anybody to anything.

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