Etherparty Whitepaper


Abstract: A user-friendly system for the creation, use, and management of smart contracts may
dramatically expand the rate of commercial and consumer adoption of blockchain technology.
While blockchain (or distributed ledger technology) has the potential to recast the foundations of
electronic commerce and data storage, the technology’s use by non-computer professionals has been
limited by a lack of user-friendly applications. Etherparty unleashes the speed, cost-reduction and
security benefits of smart contracts for individuals and businesses. It represents the next generation of
software as a service. Etherparty promises to do for smart contracts what content management systems,
like WordPress and Wix, did for web development. Moreover, much like Legalzoom and Docusign before
it, Etherparty goes further to make otherwise complicated contractual agreements and processes simple
and accessible, while enabling infrastructure for authentication and automation.

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Etherparty Whitepaper