Ether Kingdoms Token Whitepaper

We see great potential in crypto-technologies as they pertain to mobile and
computer gaming, as well as various other entertainment industries. We are proud
to say that we are one of the first to break ground and form the crypto-gaming
market because we’re certain that in just a few years, there will be an explosion
of various types of gaming projects incorporating this promising technology.
Meet Ether Kingdoms – a blockchain game that implements our vision of an exciting
and engrossing game that can make real money for the player. A game for the wide
audience, Ether Kingdoms is built around its own token – IMP1

Did you think ICO as soon as you read “token”? No, not this time. We are not
holding an Initial Coin Offering, of which everyone familiar with the crypto-world
is tired by now. We wanted to release Ether Kingdoms as soon as possible, so a few
months ago we came out with the beta-version, making it possible for every player
(even those that aren’t hardcore gamers or blockchain enthusiasts) to enjoy our
game right away.

With that said, we had a detailed development plan from the get go, with updates
on mechanics and feature content coming out once-twice per month. In the secondthird quarter of 2019 we will be unveiling our global plans that will go far beyond
Ether Kingdoms itself… But it’s too soon to talk about that.

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Ether Kingdoms Token Whitepaper