Espers Whitepaper


With the advent of blockchain technology in the early 2000’s the world has been standing by excited to see what
becomes of it. Most notably Bitcoin has captured everyone’s attention as being a currency that operates on the
blockchain and other communities have sprung up in its wake. The need for an advanced blockchain solution to
everyday tasks that both the provider and the user would benefit from being secured and decentralized has yet to
be fully realized though. Even those currently with specialty features often have a “lone wolf” mentality causing
projects to fight amongst themselves and fragment so that communities become diluted and the message of the
goal is lost.

Espers is a Proof-Of-Work/Proof-Of-Stake (PoW/PoS) hybrid blockchain that was created to be a solution to the
division and lack of usability that is currently attributed to blockchain technology, both unifying and expanding
possibilities. Implemented features such as secured messaging, cross-chain interfacing, modular sidechains,
websites on the chain, file storage on the chain, to name a few are then joined through a universal interface that
any coin project may then participate in. Using ESP (Espers) coins as “fuel” or a catalyst that drives the services that the chain operates further stimulates the interest in contributing to processing blocks for the network.
Miners/Stakers are encouraged to participate causing consistent block generation and ensuring a lightning fast
network overall. This document is intended to describe in detail the different systems that the Espers project
employs and how they operate in unison to provide the end user of any community a seamless and intuitive

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Espers Whitepaper