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对于每个市场, 每一个交易、服务或产品提供商和接收方都有两个方面的参与, 后者反过来为所接收的产品或服务进行交换。在当今世界, 几乎所有的市场服 务和产品都以货币交换。在这些市场上, 有争议和其他形式的破坏, 如破产和 损失。在地方一级, 大多数服务和产品提供商倾向于以工会形式筹集机构, 以 保护他们在业务过程中 交易风险的利益。另一方面, 接收方也倾向于获得商 业保护权, 以保持其内部的 est 安全。在世界市场上, 管理其争端或中断需要 的不仅仅是工会或政府法规。贸易法、贷款、法医和相关组织的专家已将争端 管理、风险管理和与贸易有关的问题作为其设立的重点。他们在市场中的作用 使他们中东地区几乎每笔交易, 因为他们倾向于保护交易双方, 并在必要时提 供支持或赠款。从而润滑和吸收在日常市场上的冲击或意外事故, 并鼓励首发 。

密码市场与通用或国家定义的货币市场相似, 只不过它没有明显地享受到中间 层机构的好处。这使得加密市场对理想的和优先的交易相当不安全, 因为没有 人能够保护双方的利益。这也将密码市场描述为冷漠的参与者, 而不是商业心 理学或 关系专家。这就像关闭市场的投资者, 并开放给赌徒。加密市场充斥 着涉及借贷和借贷的交易, 因此, 许多平台已经涌现来管理这些活动。在这样 的平台上, 一些用户的投资计划被提交给那些打算在投资计划中贷款或投资他 们的硬币的投资者, 如果感兴趣, 希望能在商定的基础上获得回报。在这些平 台似乎将双方团结在一起的同时, 这并不意味着它们是安全的, 因为它们的资 金都在这些平台上, 因此, 如果由于某种原因而倒闭, 那么双方, 尤其是投资 者, 将会出现令人难以置信的损失。我们的目标是, 在不需要提供借贷服务或 持有其资金的情况下, 占据管理这些平台 (借款人) 和投资者 (贷方) 之间交 易的加密市场的中间层。我们非常关注 与借款人 (作为一个机构) 之间的合 同的满意度。这并不意味着我们的解决方案是针对消除市场自由的;相反, 它是 一个出价, 使市场免费为所有人, 特别是对于理想的参与者

For each market, each transaction, service or product provider and receiver has two aspects of participation, which in turn exchanges the products or services received. In today’s world, almost all market services and products are exchanged in currency. In these markets, there are controversial and other forms of damage, such as bankruptcy and losses. At the local level, most service and product providers tend to raise institutions in the form of unions to protect their interest in trading risks in the business process. On the other hand, recipients also tend to obtain commercial protection rights to maintain their internal est security. In the world market, it is not just trade unions or government regulations that govern the management of their disputes or disruptions. Experts in trade law, loans, forensics and related organizations have made dispute management, risk management and trade-related issues the focus of their establishment. Their role in the market has made them almost every transaction in the Middle East because they tend to protect both parties to the transaction and provide support or grants when necessary. This lubricates and absorbs shocks or accidents in the daily market and encourages the starter.

The cryptocurrency market is similar to a GM or country-defined currency market, except that it does not clearly enjoy the benefits of a middle-tier organization. This makes the encryption market quite insecure for ideal and priority transactions because no one can protect the interests of both parties. This also describes the cryptographic market as a participant in indifference, not as a business psychologist or relationship specialist. It’s like an investor who closes the market and is open to gamblers. The encryption market is full of transactions involving lending and lending, so many platforms have emerged to manage these activities. On such a platform, some users’ investment plans are submitted to investors who intend to lend or invest in their coins in the investment plan, and if interested, hope to be rewarded on an agreed basis. While these platforms seem to unite the two sides, this does not mean that they are safe because they are funded on these platforms, so if for some reason they fail, then both parties, especially investors, There will be incredible losses. Our goal is to occupy the middle layer of the encryption market that manages transactions between these platforms (borrowers) and investors (lenders) without the need to provide lending services or hold their funds. We are very concerned about the satisfaction with the contract between the borrower (as an institution). This does not mean that our solution is aimed at eliminating market freedom; instead, it is a bid that makes the market free for everyone, especially for ideal participants.

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