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What makes ERGO unique among blockchains?
ERGO’s platform is based on a variety of ideas that complement each other and aim to provide solutions for various cryptocurrency problems. The concepts that underlie our vision have been presented at top conferences and have received positive reviews from a wide audience.

While there is no “silver bullet” to solve all blockchain scalability issues, ERGO will make great strides in this direction by implementing a variety of unique approaches at the same time. ERGO’s protocol will take the higher on-chain throughput made possible by the Bitcoin-ng proposal (up to 1000 tx/s) and combine it with a flexible transactional language that allows developers to build off chain protocols on top of it, thus increasing throughput by an additional factor of 1000. ERGO will create even more scalability by allowing users to launch additional blockchains that can feature side chain token transfer between them.

ERGO will require just a few Kb of data to synchronize the network and begin processing blocks in a trustless manner. This less intensive data requirement means user-friendly mobile wallets can be created with full node security guarantees. A new kind of network decentralization will be possible eliminating the need for centralized exchanges as wallets.

One of the main barriers to using the blockchain as a database has been that users are currently required to download and process all transactions in order to find what they are looking for. ERGO solves this problem with its Aspen protocol that partitions a blockchain so that users need only access the subset of the blockchain that is relevant to their search. ERGO’s unique model will open up a host of new capabilities like allowing miners to control storage rent in the blockchain.

ERGO’s transactional language is the flexible alternative to Bitcoin scripting language. It combines environment conditions and cryptographic Σ-protocols with AND, OR, k-out-of-n connectives. Despite it not being Turing-complete, it allows developers to build smart contracts with features and capabilities that are currently not possible with existing platforms. Its unique attributes allow users to perform efficient cost analysis and are also protective against DoS attacks.

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