Engagement Token Whitepaper

The Engagement Token rewards interaction with publisher content. The value of your engagement
is set by the site owner through the reward of tokens. Users who earn Engagement Tokens with
their comments, content and other online activity can use these tokens to buy advertising, upvote
commenting or offering these for sale to third parties wanting to perform such activities on sites
making use of the Engagement Platform and Token.

Over the past four years, The Platform already has fostered the ecosystem of engagement which is
created by publishers, their readers and quality advertising. Publishers set the rewards specific to
their user base for content interaction. And, advertisers have full visibility into the audience and site
activity to place relevant contextual product information in a pay-per-article model.

The Engagement Platform is not an idea but an existing technology and
vibrant community of users, publishers and advertisers.

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Engagement Token Whitepaper