Energo Whitepaper


Built for a future DAE (Decentralized Autonomous Energy Community), Energo
is an ecosystem based on decentralized apps. At its core are Qtum and a
decentralized system designed for the measurement, registries, transactions
and settlement of clean energy in local Micro-grids.

This document envisions a peer-to-peer DAE community (Decentralized
Autonomous Energy Community), where the Energo system is embedded with
a cryptocurrency —TSL, and where owners of this cryptocurrency are entitled
to access to the distributed energy storage system.

Energo is designed for a new future of energy production and consumption. It
connects energy producers of varying capacities and energy consumers of
diverse needs. Clean energy is consumed first within the community; energy
efficiency and reliability are increased; intermediaries of energy trading are
eliminated; energy producers and retailers experience profit boosts; energy
users see their cost slashed. With such a vision in mind, Energo is to channel
the physical construction, informational structure and value system of the
future smart grids and help bring about a truly decentralized autonomous
energy community.

Energo also offers a solution to machine-to-machine energy demand. Electric
vehicles of tomorrow will apply its digital ID and digital wallet on the block
chain to pay for the electricity it receives at any given charging station. Both
the charging and payment process can be done unattended. The efficiency of
clean energy supply and consumption in any given community can also be

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Energo Whitepaper