Endorsit Whitepaper

Endorsit is the underlying content structure of the post-Internet era. It is dedicated to
build the full content protocol of Endorsit Chain with blockchain technology. At the
same time, Endorsit relies on its own resources in the Internet content domain to build
its own content ecosystem with Endorsit application as its core. Global content
producers, user, communicators, and investors can all participate in a relationship
model that is completely different from the traditional Internet ecosystem.
Therefore, Endorsit is a dual enabler of the creation ecology and content platform.
Currently in the era of information explosion, the Endorsit team consists of industry
experts in online learning course, new media and blockchain. There are several
problems exist in the current content filed such as the content quality is uneven, the
user has a high probability of failure, the attention is being squandered by the platform,
and the benefits of the creator are not guaranteed. Based on blockchain technology,
Endorsit use a pure market consensus mechanism to ensure that good content will be
outstanding and all users’ attention is guaranteed to the maximum extent.
The Endorsit team has more than 20 full-time blockchain developers, with the technical
background of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei and Ant
Financial, and this number will be double up by the end of 2018. As a product that has
been in preparation for 2 years, Endorsit has a strong resource support since its
inception. The team’s new media matrix has accumulated more than one million highquality users. In terms of resource integration for content creators, Endorsit is also a
leader in the industry. Before the Endorsit community was officially launched, Endorsit
has already cooperated with dozens of KOL in various fields and thousands of wellknown content creators from several countries. The total number of fans is over 50
million in subdivision of blockchain industry and monopolize more than 20% of new
media resources in some other countries.
Further details about the project background, our advantages, the consensus
mechanism, and technological achievements of Endorsit will be explained in white

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Endorsit Whitepaper