EncryptoTel [ETH] Whitepaper


A rapid increase in connectivity via technologies such as the internet, social networking and
smartphones has brought about a step-change in our ability to communicate. At the same time,
current audio and video calling software and instant messaging are insecure and prone to
surveillance and exploitation by governments, corporations and malicious third parties, as well as
being less efficient and cost-effective than might be expected.

EncryptoTel will combine the most promising technologies and markets in the telecommunications
sector, linking a virtual PBX (private branch exchange) with encryption, blockchain protocols and
cryptocurrency payments to offer significant improvements in performance, functionality and
competitive advantage. We believe this will enable us to become a leader in the PBX industry, with
a diverse platform suitable for both individual use and office/business applications.
We have already completed a working beta of our core software that is actively being tested. The
EncryptoTel application will ultimately be a multiplatform solution that enables users to connect
and make VoIP calls using any device (desktop or Android SIP, Zoiper, 3CXPhone, X-Lite and more),
and gain access to their PBX via popular messaging apps such as Telegram and Facebook

This white paper details the scope and vision of EncryptoTel ahead of our crowdsale in May 2017.
In the coming months we will be completing and launching our product, and making a gradual
entrance into the global PBX market. The EncryptoTel token (ticker: ETT) will be the native currency
for our services, offering discounts and other advantages, though it will also be possible to pay
using other cryptocurrencies.

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EncryptoTel [ETH] Whitepaper