EncrypGen Whitepaper


In recent years, tremendous growth has been seen in the size and variety of genomic data. This
growth has been met with technological advancements in the capture, process, analysis and
storage of genomic information. The complementary expansion between genomic databases and
data technologies have enabled the emergence of targeted therapies and personalized medicine.
However, the huge potential of genomic data in scientific developments is hampered by issues
on data security and privacy. Who owns the health data? Who can access the genomic
databases? More importantly, what can people with malicious intent do with the genomic
information which they have access to? In the era of continual technological and digital progress,
patients and researchers should have a better solution for managing, storing, and finally, utilizing
the data – one that confronts the issue on data privacy and security head on and thus propels
genome-based scientific discoveries to new heights. This whitepaper explores one solution, the
Gene-Chain, which is an application based on the Blockchain technology that focuses on a safe,
trackable and virtually unhackable method of making digital transactions involving genomic
information over a secure network. The Gene-Chain project is equipped with all the technical
features that are afforded to the Blockchain technology, In particular, individuals and entities who
deposit, use or mine data are rewarded with Gene-Chain Coins, which represent an ever-growing
value and exchangeable cryptocurrency.

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EncrypGen Whitepaper