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Short-term lodging industry is prosperous right now and at the moment it’s valuated at
$100 billion with growth forecast of 168 billion by 20191
. There are no signs of growth

slowing down on the short-term lodging market and in the coming years it can seriously
take on the traditional businesses, such as hotels, motels and even hostels.
Distant countries with their culture, exoticism and rich traditions have always attracted
tourists from all over the world. However, often traditional travel planning methods are
not available for these locations. The reasons for this are the lack of house sharing
traditions, security problems, low level of computer skills among the older generation,
as well as technical limitations, such as the lack of necessary information and the ability
to accept non-cash payments. Thus, such a journey becomes a rather dangerous and
unpredictable gamble, an alternative to which can only be traditional and expensive
tourism with hotels, guides and tours. Given the development of modern technology,
such a prospect seems to be unacceptable to us.

The rapid growth of the number of mobile Internet users as well as smartphone users in
virtually all countries opens new opportunities for local residents to earn additional
income and to conduct business. We believe that the availability of smartphones and
the ever-increasing speed of data transfer, coupled with enthusiasm and ingenuity of
the younger generation, will disrupt the short-term rental market even in the most
remote corners of our planet. We are confident that Emphy ecosystem with its
simplicity and functionality will win the users’ hearts and help them to conclude their
first lodging smart-contract.

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Emphy Whitepaper