EmaratCoin Whitepaper

About eight years ago, a pseudonymous cryptographer known as Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin as a digital analog to gold: Limited in supply, but secured by modern cryptography, and made for the internet age. Following Satoshi’s footsteps, many tried to improve on Satoshi’s original vision, and thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies were born. Despite significant recent
developments and innovation, the market for cryptocurrencies remains very niche. Cryptocurrencies still have shortcomings that discourage mainstream use, in particular high volatility and barriers to entry. It’s also worth noting that existing cryptocurrencies have not been designed with lot of new features. EmaratCoin aims to solve money issues by using blockchain technology to
create a new kind of cryptocurrency, where each coin is backed by gold, bitcoin and other financial commodities at launch. In addition, each transaction of EmaratCoin (AEC) generates a small transaction fee as a mining fee. Each AEC increases in real value over time, making Emarat unique among cryptocurrencies. This paper will explore how Emarat as an alternative cryptocurrency will function,
the products and services associated, the asset details and about how may Emarat result in better outcomes for its participants.

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EmaratCoin Whitepaper