Electra Whitepaper


Electra is an open-source community cryptocurrency project featuring decentralized
and distributed governance. Electra’s foundation is a blockchain based
on the NIST5 algorithm, guaranteeing fast and secure transactions with nearly
non-existent transaction costs.

Electra’s goal is to become the electric current of the cryptocurrency community.
Our vision is to advance the evolution of our economic system as originally
proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Electra is a unique cryptocurrency in that it is both a development project and
a contract. Despite being a fully operational cryptocurrency at present, Electra
is an ongoing development project subject to review, innovation, and updating.
Electra is also a contract that offers the investor full participation in the development
process, including but not limited to the following:

l Access to the Electra Community
l The right to access project information
l Involvement in the development decisions
l Comprehensive voting rights
l Access to Technical Support
The Electra Blockchain and the ECA coin are a product of the combined skills
and abilities of an ever-growing community of coders, developers, business
professionals and other contributors. ECA is built on a fully functional and feature
rich blockchain with a stable and solid foundation. This foundation provides
the reliable platform needed for our talented community of developers
to innovate, invent and build upon. Blockchain technology evolves on a daily
basis. As this technology improves, ECA’s foundation will expand and grow in
tandem with the latest innovations.
Digital currency was created to bring change to the financial world through
the decentralization and disintermediation of the global financial ecosystem.
Progress towards this goal has thus far been inhibited by insufficient technical
tools that alone are simply not enough to affect mass adoption of blockchain
technology. Recent technological developments are only now beginning to
unlock new possibilities, resulting in paradigm shifts within the cryptocurrency
ecosystem regarding the scalability, accessibility, speed, and cost of
blockchain applications.
The opportunity for dramatic change within a developing ecosystem is unfortunately
time limited. Newly developed systems evolve quickly, rapidly reaching
a point where progressive and lasting change is inhibited by the structures
built during each stage of evolution. As blockchain technology moves towards
structural boundaries within the ecosystem there is a period of time in which
greater freedom of action for the evolutionary forces at work is possible.
For cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a whole, that time is now.

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