Elastic Whitepaper


Elastic is a revolutionary Open Source project aimed to create a decentralized trustless SuperComputer by utilizing cryptography and blockchain technology. It creates a complex platform that can execute a vast array of tasks in need of Computational resources; all is done in a P2P distributed way inside of the Elastic platform.

Elastic offers a versatile and flexible system by enabling self programmable tasks instead of hardcoded use cases. This is achieved thanks to the proprietary ElasticPL programming language. The system offers trustless access to computational resources at any time and from any location, while keeping privacy and anonymity.

Besides its own dedicated blockchain, the system contains three main components: A core client, the XEL miner, and the ElasticPL programming language. The Elastic platform uses the native XEL token. XEL serves as an accounting system and medium of exchange to reward miners with proportional bounties for providing computing power.

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