EagleCoin Whitepaper


The application cryptocurrency as a payment medium has gained acceptance in some
jurisdictions; however, it has yet to receive universal acceptance. The main challenge
currently faced by cryptocurrency payment is the regulatory compliance. Another
challenge is the cryptocurrency price fluctuation compared to fiat money which makes
merchants facing a high risk of accepting cryptocurrency.

To overcome these issues, Eagle Project aims to develop Eagle Payment System, a
payment system using blockchain technology supporting fiat money tokens that comply
with the regulatory authorities of most jurisdictions and reduce the risk of
cryptocurrency fluctuation. The vision of Eagle Payment System is to make crypto
currency usable and acceptable in any place and for any kind of payment. Imagine that
everybody can buy snacks or pay for electricity using cryptocurrencies they have.
EagleCoin in the first step of Eagle Project was previously an ERC20 Ethereum token. To
achieve the goal of the project to establish the next generation of payment system,
EagleCoin will be transformed from an ERC20 token to EagleX that has its own
blockchain with great features, called IronGeekChain.

“X” letter in EagleX means eXpand, representing the expanded vision and targets of
Eagle Project.

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EagleCoin Whitepaper