EZOOW Whitepaper

The highpoint of this Whitepaper is to illustrate the stages, milestone and features of this all-encompassing Blockchain technology. This whitepaper shows everything users’ needs to know about Ezoow roadmap and its future trajectories. With the nature of Ezoow technology the future of hospitality, traveling and reservation industry will be changed.

Ezoow will help to revolutionize travel booking by directly connecting travelers on our system to providers across the globe through the blockchain technology and the ability to buy flight tickets, make hotel reservations and rent taxis using Bitcoin, Ethereum or EZW coin/token. This invention will help travelers and people going on travel have an opportunity to save 40%-60% on travel purchases as well as an increase in their transaction security and transparency.

The hospitality and travel booking sector has been run in the past by two strong intermediaries known as the global distribution systems (GDSs) and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). The services of these intermediaries were primarily B2B reservation network that makes use of a single point for making and tracking airlines, cars and hotel reservations. This has led to the high cost of airline ticket booking. Due to the technology used in developing these systems – it has now become antiquate and exposes users information to scammers by just a single 6-digit identifier which allows anyone to easily modify reservations or the traveler’s email or home address.

Ezoow will solve this quagmire faced by travelers by substituting it with faster services with no hidden fees and powered by the reliable blockchain technology. EZW is purchased at a bulk discount and listed on a secured platform from which users can make purchases during travel, book airline, hotel cruise, car rental reservations using the token and the transactions are hastily executed securely on the blockchain.

Ezoow service is the easy in hand way for travel now. You can book all the needs for your journey, hotel booking, resort booking, booking for a plane, train or taxi, now all in one app. Ezoow service use blockchain technology to fulfill all your needs for travel booking and payment .


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