EJOY Whitepaper

ETHER JOY is a brand new engine for Blockchain marketing and promotion. ETHER JOY takes entertainment games as its starting point, aims to attract
billions of players into the Blockchain economy. ETHER JOY integrates
artificial intelligence technology that can accurately convert massive game
users to Blockchain participants. It can also help the digital currency exchange
gain more active users. According to the statistics from Newzoo’s Global Game Market Report, in 2017
there were 2.2 billion gamers globally, counted for about one-third of the global
population. Among them, 47%, that is, about 1 billion players participated in
online games, and spent about $116 billion dollars on online gaming. Such a
large number of gamers constitute a valuable user pool for the Blockchain
economy. ETHER JOY works with game manufactures to reconstruct classic video
games with Blockchain tokens and Blockchain reward systems. Game gamers
can be attracted play, and then converted to participate in the Blockchain
economy. EJOY Website
EJOY Whitepaper