Dynamic Trading Rights Whitepaper


My name is Damian Merlak and I am the leading architect and founder ofthe Tokens trading platform.I was introduced to computer programming in primary school at the age of 13 and Ihave been hooked ever since. I started developing web applications professionally in2004. Besides technology, I have always had a great interest in finance and investing,so I spent a lot of my free time trading and investing the money I earned from mysoftware projects.At the beginning of 2011, something happened which completely changed the courseof my life. I discovered Bitcoin. At the time, the price was fluctuating between $1 and$2, and the financial part of my brain was immediately captivated. I became interestedand bought some. Soon after that, the first “bubble” happened and the price soared to$30.In the meantime, my technological part wanted to explore the technology a bit more.It drove me to build a small bitcoin mining operation in my basement. I immediatelywent to buy the cheapest CPU and motherboard available, along with the bestgraphics card money could buy at the time.

Of course, this illogical computerconfiguration caught the attention of the local store owner, so I had to explain why andhow I was going to use it. I started explaining everything I knew about Bitcoin, and weended up becoming friends.Soon after that, the two of us decided to create a bitcoin business together. A fewmonths later, we had a working exchange ready to be launched under the nameBitstamp. It was by far the most professional place to trade bitcoin at the time andafter the fall of Mt. Gox, became the largest bitcoin exchange in the world. Today,Bitstamp is still one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with over $1billion of monthly trading volume.Since 2011, the cryptocurrency space has evolved, while most cryptocurrencybusinesses aren’t keeping up with the latest trends

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Dynamic Trading Rights Whitepaper