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Dynamic(DYN) is Duality’s tokenized-currency provided with supply elasticity to ensure price stability for day to day transactions of end-users. Duality uses company proceeds to place buy back orders on the Dynamic(DYN) market to keep inflation within acceptable bounds.

Dynamic(DYN) lays the groundwork for offering BaaS(Blockchain as a Service) by hosting a multitude of second tier nodes called Dynodes. Rewards can be adjusted through the ‘Fluid Protocol’ created by Duality to adjust to a maturing market.

As a modern currency Dynamic(DYN) will be actively maintained to keep up with the latest market trends. Dynamic(DYN) features fast and Instantsend transactions at an affordable rate, also end-users that care for consumer privacy are able to anonymously transact using Privatesend.

Dynamic(DYN) utilises Dynodes which are the 2nd tier of security, processing InstantSend transactions and providing fungibility via PrivateSend.

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