DxChain Token Whitepaper

DxChain Network is a big data and machine learning network which is powered by
a computing-centric blockchain with a native protocol token (also called “DX”). Its end
users can potentially use this network as a data exchange platform to trade data and as
a business intelligence analytics platform to analyse data for supporting business insights.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, where the incentives are driving miners to sustain the huge
amount of computation needed to maintain the blockchain consensus, the DxChain Network provides miners incentives based on the usefulness of the work that they passively
provide: storage and computation. Since this storage platform is designed through using a
principle of decentralisation, the protocol has a mechanism to control the reliability of the
file access. In garnering the benefits of P2P network and Hadoop HDFS file systems, the
robustness and accessibility is intended to be ensured. DxChain Network will incorporate
Hadoop in its system as it is an industry-proven big data platform. DxChain Network is
designed to assign several roles to manage and schedule jobs in the system which achieves
the computation goal in a centralised parallel computing system. Built on top of the DxChain Network, a collection of tools would be developed to speed up the computation and
analysis process. Additionally, machine learning algorithms can potentially be built upon
these to facilitate more computing-driven tasks. At the time of retrieving files, DxChain
Network is also designed to support computation which provides more flexibility of data
exchange. With the smart contract, this platform is intended to be especially useful for
decentralising data, building and running distributed applications.

This White Paper introduces the DxChain Network, a decentralised big data and machine learning network, powered by a computing-centric blockchain with four major innovations:
• A new decentralised computing framework to introduce Probable Data Computing
and verification game;
• A new chains-on-chain design to orchestrate a master chain and two side chains—Data
Side Chain and Computing Side Chain;
• Incorporate Hadoop to DxChain Network to facilitate big data and machine learning;
• Flexible and powerful DxChain Network-based system architecture dedicatedly designed to support most business data exchange and data analytics requirements.

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DxChain Token Whitepaper