Dragonglass Whitepaper

We’ve introduced a new utility token called Dragonglass (or its short form –
DGS) that uses gamified mining experience to make mining fun. Dragonglass
is much more than just another cryptocurrency. It is the beginning of a fantastic
community and infrastructure for many great things to come. We have already
Smart contracts.
Dragonglass Android and iOS applications.

Why Dragonglass
The value of the Dragonglass (DGS) token comes from several factors:
It is possible to mine 10 Dragonglass tokens from 1 token bough during the
Token Sale (ICO).
To participate in the Dragonglass Token Sale (ICO), one buys Dragonglass
tokens using ether (ETH), for an exchange rate of 1 DGS = 0.000027ETH.

Dragonglass Website
Dragonglass Whitepaper