Dovu Whitepaper


The transport and mobility sector faces a vast and ever growing number of challenges in the
face of constantly evolving consumer needs, governmental demands and market specific
requirements. Data and behavioural influence are the key components in understanding and
helping change consumer behaviour. DOVU is the missing piece of the puzzle – a circular
economy for the transport and mobility sector that creates an unique value exchange between
regular consumers and those that benefit from their data or contributions that benefit the
mobility space.

The DOVU platform empowers individuals to earn tokens for sharing their mobility data
or performing rewardable activities defined by a DOVU partner – such as changing driving
behaviour or undertaking valuable tasks. These tokens then feed back into the ecosystem
through mobility related transactions, be that offsetting the cost of a car, fuel for that car,
paying for a flight, or just riding the bus.

Our platform consists of a Wallet, Smart Contract powered reward engine, reward
Marketplace, Token and SDK. Partners and individuals using the platform create our circular
ecosystem. Our erc20 DOV token is used for transactions within the ecosystem.
The core team consists of entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, product marketers, product
designers and legal experts – all with significant experience shipping and supporting products
used by millions of people.

Our high profile advisory board is committed to help DOVU execute its mission, and includes
a former member of the board of directors of Ethereum, an entrepreneur who has built a one
billion dollar business around community development, and a partner at a top global advisory
firm. Together with strategic investors, including a government-backed fund and a major car
company, DOVU will disrupt a traditional industry.

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Dovu Whitepaper