Dinero Whitepaper

Dinero is an open source cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin and
Dash which provides fast private transactions along with low/no
transaction fees. Dinero incorporates many of the improvements
which Dash has made on top of Bitcoin as well as the addition
of an ASIC resistant hashing algorithm called NeoScrypt to
avoid any undue centralisation of mining resources. Dinero uses
a fully decentralised governance and budgeting system which
enables our community to have full democratic control over the
allocation of budgets for both our charitable goals as well as a
long-term sustainable source of funding to develop, promote
and maintain the Dinero project into the future.
In addition to our intention to make Dinero a commercially
successful and widely adopted 21st Century digital currency we
intend to have a positive impact on the world by sharing
abundantly to those who are less fortunate than us.

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Dinero Whitepaper