Digiwage Whitepaper

While it’s clear that blockchain has brought decentralization capabilities to
many areas of industry, hi-tech and finance, it’s yet unclear how they will be
applied on real life case scenarios.

This lack of perspective, while expected from every early-adoption phase
infrastructure, is preventing businesses and individuals to access to the
advantages of this ground-breaking technologies in a quick, affordable and
safe way.

Digiwage Team is focused on bridging this gap in the Jobs and Workplace
industry, by developing and providing the necessary tools for entrepreneurs,
freelance workers and anyone who works in the global services arena.
Key to this strategy is the creation of the Digiwage cryptocurrency, that
provides the necessary blockchain technology layer as a base for
anonymous, instant and decentralized payments.

Still most of the reduced public that made inroads into cryptocurrencies
lately thinks that this is only about coins and money transfer.
Actually, bitcoin-based blockchain is already a decentralized smart contract
enforcement platform by using bitcoin’s script language. While some have
tried to downplay its power by saying it’s not a Turing complete machine,
others point this as more of and advantage than a disadvantage.

But the fact is that today it’s still underused, when that’s the real value of it,
and that’s how Digiwage Team aims to leverage its full potential for the
worldwide services industry by using it for the decentralized payment

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Digiwage Whitepaper