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Executive summary The world is changing, barriers are falling, the usage of the Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts is removing the middle-men and reducing costs across several industries. Banks are changing the way they do transactions while the industry is reducing complexity in manufacturing, supply chain and logistics. This white paper describes the DENT Exchange we are building: the transparent marketplace for selling, buying and donating mobile data packages. Mobile data is the next commodity to be liberated Mobile data access is becoming an essential human need, as much as hot water and electricity. However, according to GSMA, in 2016 still less than half of the world’s population uses mobile data. For data users, usage vary vastly across geographies, which shows the huge potential to be unlocked. Reasons are, besides network availability and handset affordability, the perceived high cost of data, which varies from below 1 USD / GB to well above 10 USD / GB between operators and regions for domestic usage. Furthermore, operators are locking-in customers with rigid data offerings that are made to expire when unused within a given time, which lead to even higher prices / GB that customers effectively pay. As a consequence of the customer lock-in, data usage abroad can become prohibitively expensive with prices / GB in the hundreds or thousands of USD. All this generates billions of dollars profit for operators but inhibits unlocking the full potential of mobile data. We want users to own their mobile data and bandwidth. They need to be able to freely sell or donate unused data to other users. World-wide.


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