DeepBrain Chain Whitepaper


With the exponential development of GPU computing power, big data, Internet of things, sensors, and
other fields over the past few years, artificial intelligence has begun to break out, in a way that futuristic technologies
such as facial recognition and voice interaction are being integrated into our lives day by day. From
2012 to 2016, there was an increase of 5154 artificial intelligence startups in the whole world, the total financing
amount reached $22.4 billion, and many medium and large companies have set up artificial intelligence
departments while the net investment in artificial intelligence world-wide became more than $100 billion. It
can be said that after the rise and fall of several times in history, the era of artificial intelligence has finally
arrived! In the past few years, the DeepBrain Chain core team has been deeply exploring the forefront of artificial
intelligence, was awarded First Prize in Enterprise Sector, and was awarded Second Prize in Academic Sector
& Enterprise Sector of SMP 2017 Chinese Man-Machine Dialogue Field Authority Evaluation Contest held by
Artificial Intelligence Research Center of the Harbin Institute of Technology, exceeding over 30 domestic
first-class academic and corporate AI teams which participated in the competition. We have been committed to
artificial intelligence landing applications and services for a variety of Internet of things equipments, so that
ordinary equipments could have the brain, with dialogue, thinking, and reasoning abilities. In 2014, as a result,
the world’s first AI sound box Small Zhi was launched half a year earlier than the Amazon Echo, causing widespread
concern in the industry and hence driving the AI wave concerning networking equipments. In 2017, the
first national AI brain open platform DeepBrain was launched. When we do AI products, we realize that nearly
10% to 30% of the budget of a lot of artificial intelligence enterprises will be put into construction of AI’s computing
power. These include the purchase and maintenance of high computing performance hardware, which
have become a heavy burden to enterprises, restricting investment in technology research and development. Is
there a good way to completely solve this painful point, so that AI enterprises can promote the technological
revolution more smoothly? This is where DeepBrain Chain enters. DeepBrain Chain is the first and only artificial
intelligence platform in the world, driven by blockchain technology. By utilizing DeepBrain Chain’s platform,
artificial intelligence enterprises can reduce 70% of hardware cost. In addition, potential privacy risk for enterprises
when using data can be effectively avoided. This is because the algorithm of the platform is fixed by
smart contract and thus cannot be changed.

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DeepBrain Chain Whitepaper