Decision Token Whitepaper


We live in a world where the smartphones in our pockets have more computing
power than NASA had to get us to the moon, yet the way we govern our societies
and organisations remains the equivalent of a pocket calculator.

Existing models for collaborative decision making
once served our growing democracies well, yet today
they are increasingly slow, expensive, and ineffectual.
Public trust in their outcomes is eroding and results in
voter apathy. Campaign promises are regularly broken,
and major decisions are taken without consultation or
transparency. Our society is hurtling into the future, but
our democratic processes are stuck in the past, failing
to advance at the same pace.

Democracy is much more than our electorates, our
representative models, or our boards and management
teams. Democracy is the opportunity to participate
in the decision making processes that relate to the
shared matters which affect us. Democracy is about
reaching consensus on how to best use our shared
resources. Democracy is about advancing our collective
well-being, providing opportunities to those who have
while protecting those who do not.

We need better shared decision making tools and
processes in almost every facet of our community lives.
We need them to be transparent and trusted, allowing
deliberation and inclusion, removing barriers rather than
stacking them up. Technical, legislative and budgetary
obstacles have prevented us from achieving this thus
far, but do not have to hinder us any more.

These tools are now available. Thanks to the distributed
ledger technology we can create systems that directly
engage and empower constituencies, employing
mechanisms enabling them to vote smartly and
efficiently, giving them confidence that their voices
will be heard, and allowing them to see, first hand, the
results of their voting activities.

Horizon State has built this. Our platform is soon to be
extended and used by political independents, publicly
listed companies, and communities within developing
nations. We are looking toward brighter horizons, to a
place where our countries and organisations conduct
themselves with accountability and efficiency, a place
where voices can be heard securely and simply. We are
taking our technology to a global audience and it will
underpin the process of opinion and vote solicitation
everywhere, from the smallest councils in national
public service, to multinational enterprises.
It is time for our democratic processes to meet the
expectations set by every other part of modern life.

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Decision Token Whitepaper