Davinci Coin Whitepaper

From Gold to Crypto Gold the DaVinci Token
Gold Global Currency Corp. SA. [“GOLD GLOBAL”] is a Swiss fintech and R&D
corporation, which has developed and launched its “crypto gold” concept; the
synthesis of physical pure gold, blockchain, and proprietary nano-laser engraving
technology enabling the tokenization of physical pure gold.
To accomplish its objectives, Gold Global will issue its DaVinci Token, a stablecoin
backed by physical pure gold. This hard asset backed token, is the digital title of
ownership of a DaVinci Gold Coin, which is a 24 karat gold coin weighing one
troy ounce, and minted in Switzerland by a prominent LBMA accredited refinery.
Once the minting process is completed, each DaVinci Gold Coin is nano-laser
engraved with a unique ID number in the form of a QR code. Gold Global then
registers each DaVinci Gold Coin into the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains by
scanning the unique ID number using Woleet’s anchorage and digital signature
procedures. No other gold coin or bullion benefit from this innovative
identification feature.

When a DaVinci Token is issued, an identified and registered DaVinci Gold Coin is
incontrovertibly attached to it, and consequently conjointly registered, one-toone into the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.
All DaVinci Gold Coins are held in secure vaults located in Switzerland, and
administrated by a qualified independent Custodian on behalf of DaVinci Token
holders, thus relieving them of the burden of physically storing and insuring
their DaVinci Gold Coins.

As a result, the DaVinci Token enables the holder to easily negotiate or trade the
underlying gold (DaVinci Gold Coin), on international exchange platforms or
peer-to-peer. Furthermore, DaVinci Tokens can be securely stored on a ‘cold’
ledger wallet. Therefore, the DaVinci Tokens enable mobility and liquidity to this
otherwise static asset class.

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Davinci Coin Whitepaper