Databits Whitepaper


The primary aim of this new design is to align the interest of the Augmentors business, the backers, the
players and all other participants in the network. The system uses Databits ($DTB) and the in-game currency,
which is referred to as Databit Tethers ($DTBT) in this document. $DTBT are locked to $DTB at a fixed
ratio and can be traded into and out of $DTB. In this new system, Augmentors derives its revenue from the
selling of packs containing creatures and other consumable items. These packs will also contain some $DTBT
and will be available through the in-game store. $DTBT are used in the internal virtual economy (which is
powered by $DTBT) and in this economy, players will require $DTBT to utilise different game features. This
means that the Augmentors business is highly incentivized to stabilise and grow the value of the network
and $DTB.

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Databits Whitepaper