DasCoin Whitepaper

DasCoin has been designed to solve the core problems inherent to storing and exchanging value. The
DasCoin Blockchain is a mutual distributed ledger that creates and distributes cryptographic assets, and
then securely facilitates their storage and exchange. A prime objective of DasCoin is to use the
infrastructure of a digital asset system to build an effective network of trust, enabling all participants
and stake holders to share a common goal of increasing the value of the network and cultivating its
growth. A private, permissioned blockchain architecture has been incorporated due to its enhanced
security, inherent efficiency, and ability to scale more easily (due to deployment control). Fortifying this
secure foundation is the authentication of all users in accordance with bankingstandard KYC (Know Your
Customer) requirements and the implementation of a “hardware required” digital wallet system.
However, just like every other system of value DasCoin must establish a few fundamental elements.
These include defining: initial money supply, initial distribution, basis of value, expansion/contraction
mechanisms of the money supply, who controls the means of production, and the allocation of inflation
(and/or allocation of credit). DasCoin offers a hybrid structure to solve the issues associated with these
economics-based elements.
This technical whitepaper will go in depth about the technical specifications of the DasCoin blockchain
that will establish these fundamental elements. We will start with a basic description of the blockchain
to give the reader a general overview. We will follow up with more chapters that will clarify the specific
individual parts that are used in the blockchain. At the end we will include a full list of API calls that are
used in this paper. To finish off, we added an appendix for a more detailed explanation about the API

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DasCoin Whitepaper