Darico Ecosystem Coin Whitepaper

The Darico Ecosystem has been designed specifically for people to be able to monitor, trade,
invest and spend their various types of cryptocurrencies fast, effectively and with ease. The
Ecosystem is providing professional-standard and user-friendly investment tools, which enable
them to make informed cryptocurrency investment decisions. Holders of Darico Ecosystem Coins
will receive access to the entire Darico Ecosystem (the “Darico Ecosystem”) including:

● the Darico Wallet, Gnius (further details on page 13);
● the Darico Terminal, Nyus (further details on page 16);
● the Darico Debit Card, DePay (further details on page 19);
● the Darico Cryptocurrency Exchange, DarEX (further details on page 22);
● the Darico Index Fund, CHawk (further details on page 26); and
● The Darico Liquidity Pool (further details on page 28).

Darico aims to use up to 50% of the proceeds obtained from the sale of Darico Ecosystem Coins
during the Public Sale Period to purchase Gold, BTC and ETH in the following proportions: 35%
gold, 55% BTC and 10% ETH (the “Liquidity Pool”). See further details on page 32.

Darico Ecosystem Coin Website
Darico Ecosystem Coin Whitepaper